Apple Licensing FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Apple Education Licensing Program.


What is the Apple Education Licensing Program (AELP)?

AELP products combine software licensing with software maintenance into annual payments for the institution to cover institutionally owned or institutionally-leased Mac computers, and, optionally, for higher education institutions to cover enrolled students. Education institutions may also choose to include faculty and staff-owned computers in their institution installed base so that faculty and staff can work at home with the same up-to-date software they are using at the office.


What does the Apple Education Licensing Program (AELP) purchased by UNH provide?

UNH IT has purchased licenses to cover institutionally owned Mac computers only.  The licenses purchased include the latest versions of the Mac operating system, iLife, and iWork referred to as the (Mac Software Collection bundle).


Why did UNH IT purchase the AELP?

The Mac Software Collection bundle includes the applications typically purchased by faculty and staff when purchasing a Mac computer.  By purchasing the AELP, significant savings are realized for the University at large due to the discounted volume pricing.  Additionally, the new AELP makes it easier to keep UNH's Apple software current and compliant. Coverage is purchased annually, keeping costs consistent year after year, and the new bundle structure allows UNH to manage against a single expiration date. Each license renewal provides one year of coverage, including any new releases that become available during the year. 


What constitutes UNH's "installed base"?

For the purposes of AELP, our installed base is defined as the number of Macs still in service that UNH has acquired through purchase from the UNH Computer Store, using a departmental purchase order, over the last four years.


What if UNH didn't want to cover all of the Macs in our installed base with the Mac Software Collection?

AELP requires that UNH cover 100 percent of our installed base of Mac computers when purchasing the Mac Software Collection product.


What if UNH buys more Mac computers throughout the year? Are they covered too?

As long as the net number of Mac computers in our installed base does not change materially during the year, then UNH is covered under the existing agreement and no additional purchases are needed.


What is the term of the AELP coverage?

Each AELP purchase grants coverage for a 12 month term for each software product. If during this time Apple issues an upgrade release, Apple will provide a media kit to UNH at no additional charge.  UNH IT will continue to purchase licenses for institutional Mac computers through the AELP annually. 


What if some of my Macs are not capable of running the latest software?

The terms of AELP permit installation up to the current version of the covered title, allowing running the latest version of the software a system is capable of running. For instance, if you have a PowerPC-based Mac running Panther (Mac OS X v10.3), iLife '06 and iWork '06, you could still upgrade your system to Tiger (Mac OS X v10.4), iLife '08 and iWork '08.


Will Apple provide media sets for these earlier versions of software?

No. While you are permitted to install earlier versions of the software, Apple will only provide media sets for the then-current versions of any of the software titles covered under AELP.  UNH IT will not provide installation media sets for earlier versions of software.


Is replication of media allowed? 

No. UNH may purchase media directly from Apple, but we are not authorized to replicate and distribute media.


Can licenses be resold through the UNH Computer Store?

No. While the UNH Computer Store sells Apple software with academic discounts they are not allowed to resell licenses acquired under AELP. The UNH Computer Store will continue to sell this software to faculty and staff for personal computers, as well as to students.


Are Higher Education institutions permitted to collect fees to cover the cost of AELP?

Yes. Institutions are permitted to cover their AELP costs through technology fees or other fees.  UNH IT is covering the cost of the UNH AELP.


Are faculty and staff-owned Macs covered?

No. Personal Macs and student-owned Macs are not covered under the UNH AELP.


Where do I go to download the Mac Software Collection software?

The Mac Software Collection products are available from UNH IT.  Go to, select Software Services and then select Apple Software. Or simply go to this URL: