Apple Education Licensing Program

Under the new Apple Education Licensing Program (AELP), UNH IT has purchased the Mac Software Collection bundle for all institutionally owned Mac computers. The Mac Software Collection bundle includes the latest version of:

  • Mac OS X operating system
  • iLife
  • iWork

This software is available to UNH faculty and staff at no additional cost for university owned Mac computers.

Download the software here

Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) Availability

UNH IT has released the AELP version of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, 10.8.
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Apple Licensing FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Apple Education Licensing Program.


Why did UNH IT purchase the Apple Education Licensing Program?

The Mac Software Collection (aka Enrolled Software) bundle includes the applications typically purchased by faculty and staff when purchasing a Mac computer. By purchasing the AELP, significant savings are realized for the University at large due to the discounted volume pricing.

AELP Terms & Conditions

The Apple Education License Program has several terms and restrictions that apply to the use of the software. The following excerpt covers information that most users would find relevant.