UNH Computer Prep

UNH IT strongly recommends all new machines purchased through the UNH Computer Store receive the UNH Computer Setup Service from Computer Repair Services to ensure the computer is ideally compatible with UNH services and support providers. This service is for Windows and Apple computers, is customized based on Faculty, Staff or student ownership and is performed when computers are received at the UNH Computer Store prior to computer delivery. The benefits of this service include:

  • The computer is taken out of the box and tested to ensure the hardware works properly. Not every component of the system will be tested, such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. This process catches any problems with motherboard, CDRW, DVD, video/sound card, network adapter (wireless & cable), etc. 
  • The hard disk is wiped clean, formatted with the appropriate file system and the licensed operating system(s) reinstalled by disk imaging. This provides a clean installation of the operating system, free of bundled trial software and advertisements.
  • A standard set of UNH suggested software applications are installed and configured, including antivirus software, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Mozilla Firefox and SSH Secure File Transfer. On Dell computers, some utility software such as PowerDVD and Roxio Creator are also reinstalled and updated.
  • Commercial software products listed in the Hardware and Software Guide AND purchased at the UNH Computer Store, such as Microsoft Office Suite, are installed and updated as needed. 
  • The latest critical security patches and Service Packs for the operating system are installed as needed.
  • Windows-based administrative user computers will be joined to the UNH AD domain and the user's AD account will be granted full permissions to the computer, if appropriate.
  • Computers are pre-configured to automatically update the installed operating system as well as the antivirus software. This ensures the computer will obtain critical security patches and updated virus signatures on a scheduled, daily basis.