Windows Live SkyDrive

Get access to Windows Live SkyDrive through Live@EDU!  

Easily create, upload and share files with anyone you choose– including an entire social network.


In May 2011, Login with your UNH account...

...and get all the benefits of Windows Live SkyDrive!

  • Create, view, edit, and share MicrosoftWord, ExcelPowerPoint,
    and OneNotefiles online with SkyDrive—even if you don't have 
    Microsoft Office installed on your computer.
  • Easily upload and share photos and videos so you can access
    them online. Share one file, a whole folder, or a photo album
    with anyone you choose—including an entire social network.
  • Share the documents and photos you have on SkyDrive with 
    lots of people at the same time by sharing them with a group.

Windows Live™ SkyDrive™ gives you access to ample storage—25 GB, to be exact—collaboration tools, and file and photo sharing wherever you can connect to the Internet. Think of it as your thumb drive in the cloud. Part of the no-cost Microsoft Live@EDU suite of applications, SkyDrive™ is the perfect place to store personal documents and educational resources, upload files for group projects, or post your favorite spring break photos for friends to see. And you can do all this from any web browser, any time, any place, and with no commercial advertising.



Access Windows Live SkyDrive from multiple platforms and browsers

Use SkyDrive from Windows® and Mac® operating systems on Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, and Safari® for easy access to your files and folders wherever you go.

SkyDrive@EDU-2.png SkyDrive@EDU-3.png SkyDrive@EDU-4.png

Use any browser to upload files. Here, a

college student uses Internet Explorer to drag

an image for a group project from her hard

drive to SkyDrive so she can share it with her


View your photos—or a friend’s—as a slide

show directly from your Web browser. Here, a

college student watches a slide show of

vacation photos in her Firefox browser.

Access personal and shared files and photos

from a Mac or a PC. Here, a student adds a

caption to a photo through her Safari web


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