AELP Terms & Conditions

The Apple Education License Program has several terms and restrictions that apply to the use of the software. The following excerpt covers information that most users would find relevant.

Pertinent terms in the License Agreement:

  • "Enrolled Software" collectively refers to commercially available releases of Mac OS X, iLife (that runs on Mac OS X) and iWork (that runs on Mac OS X) for Apple-branded desktop and portable computers.
  • "Authorized Users" means you are faculty and staff and administration attending and/or working at your education institution and authorized to use a computer in the Installed Base.
  • "Installed Base" means all of the Apple-branded computers owned or leased by UNH for internal use that were acquired within the last four (4) years from the effective date of the Term.
  • "Eligible Education End User(s)" means faculty, staff and administration as identified by UNH for coverage during the term of this Maintenance Agreement.

Permitted License Uses and Restrictions (from the AELP).

a. Apple grants to UNH a nontransferable, non-assignable, nonexclusive limited right to:

(i) Install and use (including use by Authorized Users) one copy of the Enrolled Software on each computer in the Installed Base;

(ii) sublicense one copy of the Enrolled Software to Eligible Education End Users for installation and use on each computer owned by them in the Installed Base; and

(iii) use any compatible media containing the Enrolled Software that is validly owned by UNH or by an Eligible Education End User to install the Enrolled Software on computers in the Installed Base

b. UNH may not (or permit others to) decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, rent, lease, loan, distribute or sublicense (except as expressly permitted by this Maintenance Agreement), modify installers of or, create derivative works from, the Apple Software. If any rights to the Enrolled Software licensed under this Maintenance Agreement are used to replace a validly licensed previous version of the Apple Software, UNH may not continue using such previous version of the Apple Software. UNH may not install a prior version of Apple Software on a computer in UNH's Installed Base if it is an earlier version than the one originally shipped with the computer or if the version is not qualified to run on the computer. UNH is solely responsible for all expenses incurred in the copying and installation of the Enrolled Software. Except as expressly modified by this section, all other terms of the License Agreement for the Enrolled Software are incorporated by reference.

c. During the Term, Apple will provide UNH with one copy, on DVD or other suitable medium, of each Maintenance Release. UNH and Eligible Education End Users may use each Maintenance Release only as a replacement for a previous version of the same Enrolled Software (i.e., you may not continue to use the previous version of Apple Software on a computer once you have installed the Maintenance Release on that computer). This license allows UNH and Eligible Education End Users to install and use one copy of each Maintenance Release only on the Installed Base. UNH may not copy the DVD or any other medium that Apple delivers to UNH except in accordance with the License Agreements, or modify the installer related to the Maintenance Release.

d. UNH is responsible for implementing and maintaining adequate security measures to safeguard the Enrolled Software from access or use by unauthorized persons and for tracking distribution of each license for Enrolled Software, including (A) the method and total number of distributions of each license and the Enrolled Software, and (B) the Authorized Users who receive a license from UNH to access and use the Enrolled Software under this Maintenance Agreement.

If you would like to review the full AELP agreement, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 862-4242.