Our Fees

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Computer Repair Service FY14 Rates

Standard labor rate for hardware and software services is $108.15 per hour with a minimum charge of one-half hour unless otherwise noted. Please note that the listed times to complete service may exceed the estimates below, depending on the nature of the issue.

Services Offered
Description of Service
Estimated Time to Complete Service
Re-install Software Re-install operating system/software applications on a computer. Estimated time varies depending on support level offered by manufacturer as well as number of applications to be installed 30 min - 2 hours $54.08 - $216.30
Malware Removal Removal of virus, spyware, and malware from computer. Re-install of Operating System could be necessary based on extent of infection. 30 min - 2 hours $54.08 - $216.30
Data Backup Backup of client data. Delivery of back up will vary depending on size. Restoration to hard drive on request. 30 min - 2 hours $54.08 - $216.30
Diagnostics Diagnostics of hardware and software, including scans and physical inspection of computer to determine cause of reported issues. 30 min - 1 hour $54.08 - $108.15
Component Installation Install of components including, but not limited to, memory/RAM, hard disk drives, modems, CD-ROM drives, DVD drives, sound cards, game cards/ports, video cards. 30 min - 2 hours (per component) $54.08 - $216.30
Physical Cleaning & Reseating Cleaning hardware, re-seating of internal components. 30 min - 1 hour $54.08 - $108.15
Erase Hard Drive Preparation of a computers' hard drive for re-use, transfer, or disposal. 15 min - 30 min $27.04 - $54.08
UNH Computer Prep Streamlined & Up-to-date configuration for new computers; including Operating System(s), Applications, and Virus Protection. Extended time could apply for computers not purchased at the UNH Computer Store 15 min - 1 hour $27.04 - $108.15
Printer Service Printer repair. (On-site is available for on-campus University owned printers with a minimum charge of 1 hr.) 30 min - 2 hours $54.08 - $216.30